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Read it later. Not never.

Read-it-later apps don’t work. They always turn into long and daunting collections of page titles, where you can’t tell what is worth reading.

Reading Queue arranges the pages you saved into a queue, and presents you each page one by one to make you decide whether to read or forget it, before you can move to the next one.

Keep only the most valuable content in your list, and actually read it.

The next page is always ready, one swipe away.

Swipe from the right edge of the screen when you finish reading a page. The next one is loaded in the background so you can read it without waiting.

Quickly assess your interest in each page.

An interface reduced to a tiny but convenient top bar to give maximum screen space for reading, and an estimated read time, help you decide if this page is worth your time.

Stay concentrated while reading.

Simply long press a link to add it to the queue. You can then forget about it and read it right after the current page.

Give a page another chance to grab your attention.

Postpone reading some longer article by moving it to the back of the queue. It will show up again after reviewing all other pages.

Keep your queue under a manageable size.

Stay tuned for some additional features.

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Reading Queue will be available on the App Store in November 2018.

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While more features are being developed, your feedback and suggestions are warmly welcome, on Twitter @readingqueue or by email.

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Reading Queue is made by Greg de J, a French guy in Tokyo.