Reading Queue

The Marie Kondo of read-it-later apps.

Make a dent in your ever-growing list of articles to read later. Save these pages to an app where you will finally act on them.

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A beautiful and fast reader mode, a refreshed design, and many improvements…

For overwhelmed readers.

With traditional read-it-later apps, you often end up wasting time scrolling and managing a long and daunting list of articles where you cannot tell anymore what is worth reading. Ultimately you stop opening the app and you have read nothing.

Reading Queue removes the anxiety of decision making. It only shows the first page in your queue, and helps you decide to read or archive it, before you can proceed to the next page in line.

An uninterrupted reading experience.

Swipe left to archive a page, and the next one in your queue appears instantly, with no loading time.

Read that article now, or discard it forever.

Because you simply don’t have time to read everything, Reading Queue encourages you to let go of articles you procrastinate reading.

Give that article another chance, later.

Snooze an article by moving it to the bottom of your queue, but only up to three times per page.

New stuff is not always better.

The oldest saved pages are presented first, so that they won’t be left forgotten at the bottom of the queue.

Stay focused.

If a link catches your attention while reading a long-form article, long press it to read it next, without interrupting your flow.

Use your reading time wisely.

The estimated read time is very useful to decide if and when to read an article, so Reading Queue displays it for each page, and your complete queue.

This feature is temporarily unavailable but will be back soon.

Start afresh anytime.

If the cumulated read time of your queue exceeds what you can humanly read, wipe it out and enjoy a fresh new beginning.

Content is front and center.

The dark, uncluttered and customizable interface brings focus and clarity on what’s more important: the web page. And it makes great use of the extra space available on the latest iPhone devices.

Comfortable to use with one hand.

All commands are easy to reach from the bottom navigation drawer.

Praised and loved.

The point isn’t to read less, but more. Instead of wasting time picking which article to read, or getting so overwhelmed that you switch to Instagram, you’ll hopefully find your groove with Reading Queue.

It has gradually become an indispensable part of my reading routine. Although pretty minimalist, it solves an essential issue that many reading services fail to do — make you go back to your reading list. I highly recommend it.

straydogpalace, App Store Ukraine

Clean and to the point. Excellent! I love the no-clutter approach, it's just what I needed.

vvvaporclouds, App Store Portugal

Wow, just wow. The app is super easy to use and makes my reading habits more structured and simpler.

Bert Q, App Store Austria

Love the simplicity of it. Now part of my workflow.

Count Baltar, App Store UK

This is really well done. This might be the first read it later service I'll actually use. Really like how it isn't just an overwhelming list.

This is INCREDIBLE! I've had similar issues with Pocket/Instapaper/Safari/Etc. in the past, and this is exactly what I've been looking for. The UX is super well done. It jumps you in and gets you started right away, and keeps you focused on the task.

If you're drowning in articles you saved to read later, Reading Queue is a really neat new iOS app.

Been beta testing this and have found it surprisingly effective at actually reading all the things I save for later. Love a well done single-purpose app.

Free Download – No Ads
Extensions available for Safari, Firefox and Chrome
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