Reading Queue


Is Reading Queue currently in development?

You bet! Check the roadmap here.

Why can I only read the first page in the queue?

To prevent decision paralysis and the daunting task of picking from an infinite list something to read, Reading Queue presents you only the first page in the queue.

By looking at the actual page instead of a short snippet, and with the read time estimation, you can make a more informed decision on the page relevance, and archive it immediately if it’s not worth your time.

While you’re reading, the next page is being preloaded in the background. So once you’re done, the next page is ready and just one swipe away.

What if I want to read something else instead?

If the first page in the queue is not what you feel reading right now, snooze it to put it at the back of the queue. But abusing it will defeat the purpose of Reading Queue, therefore the number of snoozes is limited to 3 times per page.

How can I see how many pages are in the queue?

The Settings screen shows the number of pages in the queue and, more useful, the cumulative read time.

In a future update, it will be possible to visually preview all pages in the queue, and also remove them. You won’t be able to cheat and read them ahead though.

In which order pages are added to the queue?

How can I read my queue on desktop?

The plan is to ship a full-blown native app on macOS in the following months.
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The estimated read time does not work anymore.

The third-party API that Reading Queue was using has been shutdown, but the feature will be back in a future release. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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What about Android?

Android support is not planned and very unlikely to happen, for time and cost reasons.

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